John Summers

Biographical notes from the fly-leaf of Edge of Violence (1969):

John Summers grew up in a village near Cardiff, had a sheltered middle-class upbringing based on strong religion and weak tea, scraped a scholarship to grammar school and realised he had all the qualifications necessary to be a journalist when his schoolteacher enthusiastically advised him he was a ‘rowdy, ignorant, daydreaming lout’.

He studied English under Kingsley Amis at Swansea University, and noticed that all the best writers fit themselves for authorship by years of tough living. He therefore decided to get the whole thing over in one wild rush and set out - with twenty pounds - to see the world. This led to his writing his first book, The Road to Andamooka, which was a Book Club selection.

He now travels the world writing features for major British and American newspaper and magazine groups.

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