John Summers


The Rag Parade

Hardback edition published by New English Library, London, 1971; paperback edition 1972

The cover blurb from the paperback edition:
The Rag Parade heralds the end of the students’ salad days and the beginning of their way in the outside world. It centres around a group of students, graduates from Welsh university, who set out to become the people they’d always dreamed of being. In any way - and at any cost. Four young men, each with a vision of himself and each with a mask to conceal it are trapped by their aims and their desires.
Journalist and writer John Summers is the best-selling author of The Disaster, concerned with the tragedy of Aberfan, and Dylan, a towering recreation of the myth of the poet as society’s sacrificial victim.

Further reading:
Extract: Kevin Miller in Bloemfontein
Extract: Stuart Hannan in Toronto
Review by Alwyn W Turner

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