John Summers


Road to Samarkand

Hardback edition published by Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1986

The cover blurb:
Well-known English writer John Summers’s Road to Samarkand is a documentary account of his journey across the Soviet Union. But it is not simply a travelogue – it is a scrutiny of the past, a warning and an appeal to present and future generations to cherish and safeguard peace.
In his excursions into past history, John Summers exposes the execrable image of German fascism that started the Second World War, and denounces those who are escalating the arms race today, prodding the world towards another catastrophe.
The author speaks with warmth of the Soviet land and its people, commends its economic and cultural achievements, and gives due credit to Soviet people for championing world peace.

Further reading:
Extract: Tashkent Market and the Mufti of Central Asia

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