John Summers

Biographical notes from the fly-leaf of Road to Samarkand (1969):

John Summers, born in 1928 in the mining town of Rumni, South Wales, trained at Carleon teachers’ training college and Swansea University, has travelled widely in Canada, Australia, Oceania and South Africa. Has practised many trades, including those of shepherd, miner and merchant seaman.

He has contributed to newspapers in Britain and the United States, and ran a column in the Sunday Telegraph. Later a professional writer. Is the author the novels The Disaster and The Raging Summer.

John Summers visited the Soviet Union in 1977 and described his impressions of Donbas, Kuzbas and Karaganda coal-mining communities in a book, The Red and the Black, put out by Progress Publishers in English.

John Summers revisited the Soviet Union in 1984. This time he travelled across the Soviet Union and wrote Road to Samarkand.

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